Foot Patrol

San Francisco Bay Area

Licensed, Trained, & Experienced Security Guards.

Dedicated Foot Patrol

Foot patrol security services in San Francisco Bay is one of the most effective ways to cover large areas that vehicle patrol cannot, to deter crime on any residential or commercial property. It provides a strong & consistently visible security presence that ensures violators know that the location is securely patrolled & protected.

Additionally, to ensure no loss of property or an incident occurs on your property, Plaza Protection’s security guards are fully trained to sense security threats and are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology to communicate effectively. We closely supervise them to keep a record of reports that are easily made available to you on the client portal.


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A Few Words From Our Customers About Our Services

  • “ Plaza Protection has offered valued services to our customers by making sure that their professional alarm response team is on the ground when a situation arises. They are quick to respond to all alarm alerts and handle the matter in a professional manner. We rely on Plaza Protection to respond to all of the commercial and residential alarm alerts. We would highly recommend their services to any alarm company that wants to work with professional alarm response company.”
    Shawn Murphy
    Alarm Company
  • “ I would like to thank Plaza Protection for providing excellent security services to our company. They made sure that our parking lot was safe and secure for our employees, customers, and suppliers. The guards are always professional and do an excellent job of meeting our expectations. I would highly recommend Plaza Protection to any company that is looking to hire professional security patrol company. ”
    Mike Watson
    Loss Prevention
  • “ Plaza Protection has been providing excellent security patrol services to all of our residential communities in the Bay Area. From the very beginning, they understood our needs and worked with our staff to address security concerns. Plaza Protection security guards are professional and well trained. I always recommended Plaza Protection to anyone looking for extra protection for their communities. ”
    Harry Miller
    HOA Manager